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Mar 3, 2013 9:00pm EST
and climate change. our guest is the american petroleum institute's chief economist. "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> i was fascinated by her feminist view. remember the ladies or you're going be in trouble. i'm paraphrasing, obviously, but she warned her husband. you can't rule without including what women want and what women have to contribute. and, i mean this is 1700's she's saying that. >> abigail adam, this monday night on c-span's new history series. she was called mrs. president from her detractors. one of the most prolific writers of any first lady she provides a window into her life with john adams. join the conversation live on monday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span, c-span radio and >> member in the british house of commons are back from a short recease. prime minister david cameron answered questions about the downgrading of the credit line by moody's. this is about 35 minutes. >> questions for the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings with other others i i will have further such meetings later today
Mar 4, 2013 12:00am EST
change your economic team to avoid humiliation and a recession? >> there's a difficult record with prime minister endorsing rug bior football teams. -- rugby or football teams. the flag will be flying as it should be when it comes to rugby, may the best team win. >> can my friend notice that since we have a lot in common with united states and japan lost our aaa status, the cost of the following has fallen. >> my friend makes an important point, which is while i don't deny for one second the importance of the rating agencies. the most important test of credibility, which is a test you base day in and day out at the rate of interest that you borrow. the rate of the interest that we borrow is at record lows. it has gone down since the election where it has combon up in many country. -- gone up in many other countries. if we listen to the other party it will go up again. >> food banks in such constituents such as mine brought up in your policies. would he sign my petition calling for action so no family in the u.k. goes hungry? >> i will look at the petition. first of all, the use of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2